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What We Do

HAAN is a professional membership association for Healthcare Administrators whose prime objective is to bring together Healthcare Administrators in Nigeria as a unified body and to promote excellence in the profession of healthcare administration.

Healthcare Administrators in Nigeria are professionally trained Administrators whose job is to have oversight responsibility for the day-to-day administration of healthcare delivery and contribute to effective financial management in the running of health institutions. They make sure healthcare standards are met, also hospitals and healthcare run efficiently.

Healthcare Administrators in Nigeria can be found in the public health institutions, private hospitals, non-governmental organizations and quasi-government institutions like the police and military hospitals. In the public health sector, they work at all levels of the service delivery – Federal Ministry of Health, Teaching Hospitals, State and Local Government Health Institutions as well as Public Health Centers and Polyclinics. They play a number of different roles within their respective institutions and these roles often vary by work setting and location.

Principal Activities

  • For the purpose of achieving its objectives, the Association undertakes the following activities:
  • Organizes annual conferences in the form of workshops/seminars through which members update their knowledge on emerging issues in the health sector.
  • Organizes training programmes in partnership with the Health Institutions of excellent standards for continuing professional development of Healthcare Administrators.
  • Represents the interests of all its members in negotiations for salaries and better conditions of service.
  • Develops policy positions and make necessary representations for policy and planning decisions in the healthcare service/ministry of health.
  • Develops and maintains effective communication links, contact and good working relationships with other Health Professional Associations within the country.
  • Fosters professional networks with our affiliated members.
  • Offers advice and assistance to its members on personal and professional development. This has resulted in increasing the educational status of most members through the pursuance of postgraduate studies.

Role of Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare administrators manage healthcare facilities which give them wide ranging influence within the world of medicine. The leadership that they provide sets the future course not only for the facilities they manage but also for the health care system as a whole.

Managing a healthcare facility today is the close equivalent to managing an entire city. It’s a dynamic environment of specialized groups that have both direct and indirect relationships with one another and at times, competing interest.

To lead a healthcare facility requires careful budgeting, tough decision-making and above all else, the ability to maintain the respect and cooperation of diverse interest groups that are sometimes adversely affected by an administrator’s decisions. Within this environment, a healthcare administrator is responsible for establishing health care standards. Making strategic policy decisions and implementing the personnel management procedures necessary to support his vision. In addition to the internal leadership they provide, healthcare administrators are leaders within the greater community as well. They partner with other healthcare organizations, comply with government regulations, policies, and maintain campuses that are significant to communities.

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