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Healthcare presents one of the most complex management and leadership environment in the world. The programme responds to the need for highly qualified leaders by providing students with the knowledge and skills required for the leadership at all levels along the healthcare continuum, including health systems/hospitals, medical practices, consulting, long-term care facilities and others. The program is actually rigorous, but alongside the outstanding faculty at Advance College of Healthcare Administration and management and Gideon Robert University, it is achievable.

Your career possibilities with an MHA are seemingly limitless. What you can become with this qualification are: Middle and Senior Healthcare Executive roles or Operations Officer, Clinic Manager, Department or Division Director/Supervisor/Manager, Facility Manager, Healthcare Consultant, Health Service Manager, and many others. Opportunities across Consulting, Sales Practice Management and Education will be available to you.

Healthcare faces unstoppable change as the policies, technologies and medical advancement evolve to meet the demands of the field. As a leading healthcare educator, the Advance College of Healthcare Administration and Management (ACHAM) in conjunction with Gideon Robert University-Lusaka, Zambia is committed to preparing Healthcare professionals to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare field with a Master of healthcare Administration and Management degree using distance learning and e-learning education.

Delivering curriculum in the two distinct focus areas, students can connect prior experience with targeted learning to earn healthcare competencies required to succeed.

  • Master in Healthcare Administration and Management
  • Master in Public Health Administration  
  • Earning your MHAM at ACHAM and GRU prepares you to lead across a broad range of disciplines including finances, health policy, human resources, care delivery and quality and organizational design.

Prepare for the top Position like:

  • Hospital Administration
  • Health Services Manager
  • Residential care Manager
  • Public Health Policy Admin
  • Practice Manger

Its is 100% Distance learning. No campus visit required. Learn anytime from any place.

Our support staff are student centered and work with you every step of the way.

  • Master in Healthcare Administration and Mgt. is a professional graduate degree designed to help students acquire core business and management skills as they apply to healthcare settings. MHAM programs often address best practices for how to develop, plan and manage healthcare facilities, operations and services.
    • The MHA degree is one of the several available Healthcare Administration programmes. Those who are in management and Administration may pursue operation such as the ones below.
  • Masters in Healthcare Administration Programme
  • Masters of the Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare.
  • Master of Public Administration in Healthcare Management

MHA Degree Requirements

To Pursue a master in Healthcare Administration degree, students typically need to hold a Bachelor degree from an accredited university.

Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

This programme provides valuable knowledge and skills training for those specifically interested in the business side of healthcare. The focus is to develop essential managerial knowledge and skills in financial management, legal and ethical issues of healthcare and to examine and develop healthcare policies.

At the end of the Healthcare Administration specialization programme, students will complete a final written research project demonstrating the ability to conduct an investigation on a workplace problem, identify an area for intervention, critique, justify and recommend a plan of preventative action. Graduate in the Healthcare Administration industry are in demand in Hospital, health maintenance organisations, health insurance companies, government and public health agencies and social service agencies.

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