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State chapters may be formed in line with HAAN mandate and objectives. Members of the Association in each state shall establish a State chapter whose aim shall be to promote the objectives of the Association.

The following are the conditions for recognizing a State chapter:

  • There are at least 30 individual members, one fellowship member, all financially up-to-date.
  • There are rules for the selection of officers and control of finance.
  • There are at least two activities per year including a seminar preparatory to the Annual Roundtable Conference.
  • The chapter accepts responsibility for collecting and transmitting all dues of the state members to the National Executive President.
  • Recognition can be withdrawn by council if in its opinion the chapter is not operating according to the rules or for failing to meet the objectives of HAAN.
  • The management of the chapters shall be carried out by structures such as directed by the National Secretariat.
  • The chapter provides for a dispute resolution mechanism within its internal administrative framework.


The resources for the chapter shall consist of:

  • Entrance fee of N2000 to the state chapter, payable at the chapter after membership registration at the National Secretariat.
  • Annual Membership subscription of N1000 payable to the state chapter after renewal of Annual membership subscription of N2000 at the National Secretariat.
  • Payment for any services rendered by the chapter to individuals or organizations.
  • Donation and legacies from well meaning individuals to the state chapter.
  • Grants from organizations, governments and individuals.

The state chapter shall retain 60% of the resources emanating from the state in any one year towards meeting part of its local expenses while 40% will be submitted to HAAN National Secretariat.

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