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Membership of HAAN brings real professional benefits developed to meet the changing needs of the healthcare sector.

Members are welcome from anyone with, or progressing towards, an administrative role in an organization which commissions, provides or supports healthcare in its broadest sense.

Our diverse and inclusive membership includes managers from the hospitals, social care, public health, private sector, military, charity and voluntary sectors, as well as a thriving overseas representation across all administrative levels and disciplines.

Membership Criteria

Within the HAAN, there is a place for all Administrators working within health or social care who meets its eligibility criteria and are committed to its purpose.

Current HAAN members come from:

  1. Primary care, Secondary care, Mental Healthcare, Community care and Social care.
  2. All sectors, whether public, private or voluntary.
  3. Organizations in Primary Care, Foundation Trusts, Strategic Health Authorities, General Practice, Armed Forces, Community Health Partnerships and Independent Consultancies.
  4.  A variety of professional background and job functions including Chief Executives, Middle Managers and Students.

Full Membership

  • Two years Healthcare Administrative experience or five years Senior Administrative experience outside of the health sector.
  • A recognized Professional, Administrative qualification or demonstrable relevant experiential learning.

Associate Membership

If you do not yet satisfy all the criteria for full membership you may become an Associate member while working towards becoming a full member.

Fellowship Programme

  • Certificate in Leadership and Healthcare Administration
  • Diploma in National Healthcare Administration

Student Membership

For students undertaking a full time undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in healthcare Administration or a related discipline.

HAAN’s Membership Benefits

Join HAAN for valuable educational and career support. Increase your professionalism, improve your skills and enhance your knowledge.

Our aim to provide and create a supportive professional body that is compelling to join, relevant in its activities and contemporary in its approach and our vision is for all health and social care administrators to be their best and love what they do. Each of our membership offering works towards meeting our aim and vision.

Benefits of being a member include


  1. Capacity development through a diverse range of HAAN activities and programmes designed for all cadres of administrators and managers.
  2. Exposure to best practices through HAAN’S international and award programmes
  3. Involvement in accordance with required expertise in the Association’s consultancy activities, conference and workshops.
  4. Building networks through HAAN with local and international individual and organizational networks.
  5. Access to HAAN’s Management Consultancy services at subsidize costs.
  6. Participation in top level public sector administrators and managers HAAN Annual Round Table Conferences.
  7. Sponsorship to special HAAN Programmes in specific instances like the Young Professional Programme whenever funding is available.
  8. Free copies of annual Roundtable Conference Reports
  9. Discounted Prices for selected HAAN programmes
  10. Being able to use your voice to shape policy and drive real change in healthcare.
  11. Access to exciting events that spark imagination, create momentum and give access to great healthcare thinkers.
  12. Being part of a community that can provide ongoing support, advice and personal development.
  13. The ability to become an accredited health/social care administrators.
  14. Distance training and development modules across a range of topics.
  15. The opportunity to show dedication to your professional by stating mhaan or amhaan after your name (for full/Associate members only) or as the case may be.

As we develop the HAAN and its membership offering, the benefits will continue to grow and develop and we will work closely with our members to make sure we continually deliver the benefits and value they want to see.

Fellowship of HAAN(fhaan) is not open to everybody. It is recognized honour conferred on leaders and administrators who can demonstrate a true commitment to providing a high-quality service to the public, to patients or their organization, to colleagues, and to their own career development. This can also be obtained through qualification or by progressive career growth.

The Doctoral Fellowship (Dfhaan) Award marks the exceptional achievement of an individual who has shown distinctive leadership, or has made assignment contributions to the advancement of excellence in Healthcare Administration in Nigeria. Awarded bi-annually, the HAAN Doctoral Fellowship Certification is the highest honour accorded by HAAN to outstanding public/private service.


Monthly newsletter news, opportunities and events, and email alerts to get involved in formal and informal consultations on healthcare administrative policies.


Access to the membership WhatsApp group to get in touch with all HAAN members, exchange best practices and discuss the welfare of HAAN and members.

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